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"the iron horse"

"the iron horse"

this was a birthday party our band played for in about 1969. we had some good gigs back then. to name a few, we played at mtsu for frat parties, played at the nco club at sewart afb in smyrna back when it existed, played on channel 5's "turn on", and won 2nd place at a talent show at jackson heights plaza.

mark cramer (bass guitar) still lives in murfreesboro and still writes and plays music.

jon nixon (lead guitar) now lives in virginia, works at a hospital, and makes custom music instruments of various types (guitars, harps, etc).

mark t.bone cole (vocal) still picks guitar and sings and works in lavergne at the tenn. farmers coop.

david james (guitar), not sure where he got to.

danny jackson (guitar), where are you?

sean stickney (drums) is somewhere in atlanta, and not sure what he's doing these days.

alan c freeman (lights/sound) works in broadcasting in fort worth texas.

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